A life time moment with incredible yoga retreat in Arravali Mountain Ranges.



Your Mind, body & soul with Specially designed Group meditation workshops.

It is easy to learn, quick and easy to do, and can be fit into any available time slot in one’s busy daily schedule.

Find out by asking for a demo session on how you can maintain your fitness in just 14 minutes, which is equivalent to just 1% of a person’s day (1440 minutes).
It is actually very thoughtful to bring immense health benefits of Yoga for physical, mental health and well-being.

The 14 minute Yoga can be practiced in a premises

The 14 minute Yoga can be practiced in a premises such as by the office executive while he is in his office sitting in his executive chair.
This happens to be an effective program designed keeping in mind the life of a corporate.
This can be proclaimed as “Yoga Insurance” to an employee providing prevention from life-style diseases such as varicose veins, joint pains, lower back pain and cervical spondylitis, indigestion, constipation, I.B.S., acidity, depression, tension, stress, insomnia and obesity etc.

This program is ideally suited for the busy, time-starved business executive, professional, student and businessman.
Best pat is that it can be practiced at any time, anywhere and by anyone. It requires no special arrangement and can be practiced in the office or shop floor.
It is especially suitable for call centre and BPO workers and students who are always under pressure of time and deadlines.
It may appear as a very short program, but its benefits match Yoga practice of longer duration.

I have found the 14 Minutes Yoga Programme of Universal Yoga Group invigorating and refreshing and fully worth the time, effort and money invested in it.

Rahul Kulkarni - HR Head

I think Yoga came in as a welcome break in terms of employees actually doing something very, very constructive something which rejuvenates the mind and body as well, since it happens midday and it really rejuvenates you for the rest of the day.

Sanjeev Mohanty

Yoga for Public/Institutions

Yoga and its practice are not exclusive but inclusive. It will be incorrect to think that Yoga is meant only for the rich, educated elite or old retired people.

Everyone can learn, practice and benefit from Yoga irrespective of age, health status, gender, social status, education, language, cultural background, and religion as well as personality type.



Universal Yoga Group ® is a professionally run Yoga training and therapy provider for individuals, groups, institutions and corporate.

We provide a variety of Yoga Training Programs to corporate with the objective of preventive care and curative support through Yoga for the benefit of employees and managers working with corporate.


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