A life time moment with incredible yoga retreat in Arravali Mountain Ranges.



Your Mind, body & soul with Specially designed Group meditation workshops.

Yoga School of Thought

According to yoga school of thought, the human body along with the mind tends to be illusionary world of substance having a definite time to live.


The intellect which is till eternity will move a step ahead and goes onto higher meaning of life, once the body dies. Thus, core of yoga beliefs are the concepts of Karma and Renascence.


Yogic exercise is, therefore, considered a heavenly science regarding life, discovered to elite sages in deep breathing to ones spirit.

In today’s world, Yoga is considered as one of the important perspective, as it is beneficial, healthy
and balanced forms of expertise to control your mind waves associated with destructive
thought and simply converting intellectual & physical strength into spiritual source
of energy. Yoga exercise eases out pent-up tension, revitalizes the body & heart
and soul, enhances focus, cures illnesses and looks after aging.

We Understand Your Responsibilities

We at Universal Yoga understand that you have your responsibilities, stress, targets, which you cannot shed off immediately, but you also would like to spend some time with your inner calmness and peace.


Through Incredible yoga, we will guide you individually to reach up to your inner self and perform a combination of some asana, meditation, dhyana and Nidra.


These Yoga poses and levels are not possible for everyone to perform. Only some people are able to do some incredible Yoga postures, and with the guidance and classes at Yoga Studio or your premises under our Yoga Teacher surveillance, you can learn and practice them to get your rebirth.

With Yoga, you will be able to bring your hormones and metabolism in balance with your body.
While doing so, these physical exercises will provide you protection and prevention.
Yogic postures trigger the powers that have been charred in your bodily system
due to remaining inert and thus creating a variety of ailments for the
human body. Come and rejoice and rejuvenate your inner
half with Universal Yoga Group ®.


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I have found the 14 Minutes Yoga Programme of Universal Yoga Group invigorating and refreshing and fully worth the time, effort and money invested in it.

Rahul Kulkarni - HR Head

I think Yoga came in as a welcome break in terms of employees actually doing something very, very constructive something which rejuvenates the mind and body as well, since it happens midday and it really rejuvenates you for the rest of the day.

Sanjeev Mohanty

I must say 14 Minutes Yoga is amazing package Universal Yoga Group has created. He brings his lively personality and his positive energy to freshen up anyone he works with.

Dinesh Bhrushandi

Yoga for Public/Institutions

Yoga and its practice are not exclusive but inclusive. It will be incorrect to think that Yoga is meant only for the rich, educated elite or old retired people.

Everyone can learn, practice and benefit from Yoga irrespective of age, health status, gender, social status, education, language, cultural background, and religion as well as personality type.



Universal Yoga Group ® is a professionally run Yoga training and therapy provider for individuals, groups, institutions and corporate.

We provide a variety of Yoga Training Programs to corporate with the objective of preventive care and curative support through Yoga for the benefit of employees and managers working with corporate.


Let’s take the next step and work together