A life time moment with incredible yoga retreat in Arravali Mountain Ranges.



Your Mind, body & soul with Specially designed Group meditation workshops.

Meditation and Yog Nidra

Warming & Toning up. (Yogic Sukshma Vyamma)

Surya Namaskar

Diet & Naturopathy tips

Breathing exercises

Asana for increasing the lungs capacity for oxygen intake.

Asana for strengthening Ankle & Knee joints

Enter into a Paradigm of Yoga

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It is extremely re-vitalizing refreshing and renergizing to do. Find out how can maintain your fitness with 14 min yoga everyday.

Amit Rai - CEO (S.Oliver)

Mentally rejuvenating ! Physically invigorating intellectually simulating !! 14 min Yoga of Yogacharya Vijay is unique.

Amitabh Kant - IAS

Employee of FICCI find out how one can maintain fitness by 14 Minutes Yoga. They find it is very useful and are doing it as a daily routine in the morning or evening or at least during the lunch break and find them selves fully relaxed and energized rest of day.

Col Kumar Head - HR FICCI

Yoga for Public/Institutions

Yoga and its practice are not exclusive but inclusive. It will be incorrect to think that Yoga is meant only for the rich, educated elite or old retired people.

Everyone can learn, practice and benefit from Yoga irrespective of age, health status, gender, social status, education, language, cultural background, and religion as well as personality type.



Universal Yoga Group ® is a professionally run Yoga training and therapy provider for individuals, groups, institutions and corporate.

We provide a variety of Yoga Training Programs to corporate with the objective of preventive care and curative support through Yoga for the benefit of employees and managers working with corporate.


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